Thank you for joining us at the #ynpn16 Activate! Summit. We look forward to seeing you in Atlanta next year.
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Katie Van Dusen

Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation
Community Investment & Projects Coordinator
Ann Arbor, MI
I work in our strategic Community Investment work at the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation and I'm deeply committed to supporting the strong nonprofit sector in my community. I work most closely with AAACF's two strategic initiatives - the first is Coordinated Funding, which is a public-private partnership that uses an outcomes-based, equitable model for resourcing health and human services agencies in our community. The other is Cultural Economic Development, which focuses on empowering nonprofit arts organizations in order to spur economic growth and prosperity.

I'm a board member of YNPN Washtenaw, which spans Washtenaw County, MI and includes the communities surrounding Ann Arbor. We're a relatively young chapter but are looking forward to continued growth in the coming years, with an immediate focus on creating a sustainable revenue generation strategy.

I am also a freelance musician , and am passionate about the arts as an resource for moving our society forward on issues of equity and social justice.

I'd love to talk to people about their philosophy about the role of nonprofits in a capitalist society; what they believe to be just, equitable philanthropy; and coffee.